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Incendium by A. D. Swanston Wed, 27 Sep 2017

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Gripping from beginning to end, we follow the tense developments of the Papist struggle to overpower the Huguenots in France and reclaim the English crown from Protestant sympathiser Queen Elizabeth I in the late 16th century.

Lawyer Christopher Radcliff finds his life threatened when he is sent by his patron, Robert Dudley, the Earl of Leicester, on a secret mission to Paris at the height of the religious conflict, then makes use of dubious intelligencers to investigate rumours of a massive plot in London, involving murder, torture and executions.

Swanston has developed the historical scene very well, as also the key characters.


Is Jesus the Only Way? by Brian McLaren Wed, 6 Sep 2017

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The Only Way to What?

A provocative start. Followed by a challenging summary:

Jesus was not focused on saving sinners from an angry God who is hellbent on making them suffer forever. Jesus was interested in the very opposite: helping us angry, hostile, combative, confused, misguided human beings learn to know, love, and follow a loving God, so we can learn to love our fellow humans, ourselves, and all creation, not just after we die, but starting right now.


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