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Introducing Francisco Cordoba Thu, 20 Apr 2017

Posted by greyowl in Interviews.
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Another upcoming author who deserves some publicity is Francisco Cordoba. Most of his writing has to do with his beloved horses.

Here he gives us some insight into how he came to be an author, as well as some other personal insights. (more…)


Review of Mission With by Paul Keeble Fri, 14 Apr 2017

Posted by greyowl in Jesus-Familie, Rezensionen / Reviews.
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Paul Keeble shares, on the one hand, his family’s experiences of living for over 30 years as part of an underprivileged community in inner-city Manchester and, on the other hand, his personal (theological, social, political) reflections on his motivation and influence in that situation. (more…)

Impressions of The Shack Wed, 12 Apr 2017

Posted by greyowl in Rezensionen / Reviews.
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Saw The Shack yesterday. Excellent film, very true to the book, highly recommended. It has a very refreshing message:

  1. God really loves us and longs for us to share our lives with Him day by day.
  2. Horrible things are not His doing; there is an evil power at work; but God can bring blessing out of the most tragic events.
  3. We are wrong to judge others; with God’s help we need to forgive those who wrong us.
  4. There is a very real life after death, where pain is forgotten, wrongs are forgiven and relationships are healed.
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