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Panning for Gold Tuesday, 3 June 2014

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I’ve just attended a very inspiring writers’ weekend with Adrian and Bridget Plass and Sheridan Voysey at Scargill House in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The theme was Panning for Gold ­– identifying the really precious moments in our lives with a view to creating a personal memoir.

A task we were assigned was to write a short piece or poem about a person, a place, an emotion or a revelation. The only condition was that it should not be more than 200 words. Most of the 40 or so participants read out their writings and the range of styles and content was amazing, from humorous anecdotes to honest accounts of personal struggles.

As a result of a time of spiritual heartsearching I have been through in recent years, I wrote the following piece, entitled Revelation:

I used to believe the world corrupt,
By fire God wished to destroy it.
I used to believe we were going to hell
When we die, ’less Jesus took us to heaven.
I used to believe I must show others their sins
And warn them their destiny’s due.

And then I learned God loves the world
He made and calls it very good;
That though it groans and withers
He’ll renew it with his children.
I learned God loves the world He filled
And wishes none to perish.
I learned Jesus launched a Heavenly Kingdom
And welcomes hopeless outcasts.
I learned He didn’t resist, as we in selfish hatred
Nailed Him to the cross;
That His Father didn’t leave him dead,
But called Him back to LIFE.

I learned, this living Jesus
Invites me to walk with Him;
That following Him means escaping hell
Enjoying heaven right now.
I heard God’s love calls me to love
With love He pours through me,
Until He comes to welcome us
To His new and risen world.



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