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The Greatest Show on Earth: Richard Dawkins Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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The Evidence for EvolutionSubtitle: The evidence for evolution

A sad book – extremely prejudiced and bitterly derisive of all believers. His way of interpreting a variety of interesting scientific phenomena could support evolution, but ‘evidence’ in the sense of proof it is not.

In fact, similarities in anatomy and DNA  and variations within species do not address the hurdle of how one mother along the line could have two progeny which constitute different species, unable to interbreed.

Also, the big issues are ignored:

  1. Why are human beings so vastly different from their nearest animal relatives in so many crucial ways (thought, speech, fantasy, art, culture, social behaviour, intellect, constructive and technological ability, planning, self-awareness, spirituality, emotions, morality, etc.)?
  2. How to explain the almost universal tendency of people to believe in a higher Being/Creator, and the radical positive effects such belief can have, as His demands influence our moral behaviour and sense of purpose?
Why is Dawkings determined to be meaningless?


1. Liars and Outliers [Kindle Edition] by Bruce Schneier « ………………………….ReflectionsnoitcelfeR - Friday, 6 April 2012

[…] Which all means I’m all the more surprised to discover his singularly binary logic – no room for shades of significance – and his unquestioning adoption of the trendy anti-teleological evolutionism à la Richard Dawkins. […]

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